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dreams in the conscious realm

Saskia Becker lives and works in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she also received her B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing at Colorado State University. 



    Throughout her art career, Saskia has maintained a focus on psycho and sociological themes. Her current work explores the subconscious mind through the vehicle of dreams. When Saskia first began dream journaling, she noticed repeating themes and symbols. Through deeper analysis, she began to realize the repeating themes and symbols were a window into her subconscious thoughts. Since then, the artist has sat down for many interviews with family, friends, and strangers to discuss and record their dreams (psst . . . send me your dreams via the contact form. I am always interested in hearing about your dreams)

    Translated into paintings, the dreams explore the language and visual landscapes of the subconscious mind. While Saskia's works primarily in oil painting and drawing, her process often crosses over into sculpture and photography. The work begins as a 3-D diorama that is then photographed (confused yet? you can find these under the "Sculptures/ Photographs/ Experiments" tab) . The photos are used as references for the paintings and drawings. The dioramas and their photographs allude to theater sets, which mimics the way dreams dramatize subconscious thoughts. The end result aims to find a deeper understanding of, or perhaps get lost in, the dreamer’s psyche. 

    Saskia’s dream work is well known throughout Norther Colorado, but she has also shown her work nationally and internationally, in Hobart, Australia, Dallas, Texas, and Portland, Oregon. In August 2020, she was awarded an artist residency with Half Crown Creative in Fort Collins. She continues to work as a resident artist at Half Crown Creative, exploring dreams from the community and herself. Her work can be found in person at Half Crown Creative. 

    And hey, if I'm not art-ing, I'm either biking around town, enjoying a craft beer, or playing in the mountains. I hate cilantro, but I love room temperature coffee. Currently, I am working on climbing all of the Colorado 14'ers (17 down, 41 to go). By the way, the painting in the background is of me at my kindergarten graduation (I'm in the middle!). I'm still just as cute and haven't changed a bit. 

     Follow her (me!) on Instagram and Facebook for art updates, in-progress work, and the occasional summit selfie. 

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